Terra Firma x TAB 

Terra Firma - edible tablescape is an installation and a design research encouraging to think what and how we eat and if we could incorporate food production and food waste into the surface of a table.

Where and how is our food produced? How near by of far away is our food grown? Can we serve food straight on the table surface? How are we eating our food? Can the link from farm to table be even shorter by making the farm and the table the same unit?

Terra Firma is a table, but also a serving vessel, a sharing plate, a communal plate, creating topographic surfaces and edible table landscapes. Terra Firma hopes to create stronger connection and appreciation to food.  It invites you to mindful eating by encouraging you to investigate each ingredient in front of you. To touch, smell and taste with full attention.

Terra Firma has it’s life cycle as does the nature, signaling us  that seasons change and all the foods are not available all the time. It’s on its third life cycle where dried sprouts become another layer of the surface fortifying the soil and contributing to the the next sprouting.

Terra Firma uses ecological materials and traditional building methods. Terra Firma 004 is made out of red clay from Latvia that is mixed with water and in parts with coffee grounds. 

On the table: potatoes baked in clay, eggs wrapped in vine leaves, red cabbage leaves that can be used in place of the plates, different salts and spices, sprouts..

alae clay salt

herb salt

kala namak salt

smoked salt

black salt

urfa biber


dry Ajika


herb mix


powdered spinach


lemon black pepper

broccoli sprouts

mustarrd sprouts

basil sprouts

red cabbage sprouts

coriander sprouts

ruccola sprouts
Client: Tallinn Architecture Biennale
Photography: Alan Proosa
Built with the help of Krohwin